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Azzi: To raise minimum wage to L.L. 2,200,000 million

Labour Minister Sejaan Azzi said on Thursday that it was about time to increase the minimum monthly wage in Lebanon to L.L. 2,200,000 million LBP, noting that the need is behind the spread of chaos, terrorism, and drugs.

The Minister’s stance came during opening the Central Council for the International Union for Arab Workers Syndicates. The ceremony was held in Ramada Plaza in Beirut in the presence of figures from Lebanon and the Arab world.

“The decisions of the leaders of the Arab world who met recently during the Arab summit are the same since 1940s. They do nothing but give words at the time that wars ravage our world, crises shake our systems, poverty takes over our societies, and terrorism threatens our nation,” he pointed out.

Azzi noted that no war, no regime, no revolution, and no ideology could save the Arab peoples, so “why not think of the Arab workers to build democratic systems consistent with their environments to put the Arab world on the path of innovation, civilization, and social security.”

He called for the rejection of the situation in the Arab world and of “saboteurs who destroyed Lebanon, Palestine, Syria, Iraq, Jordan, Egypt, Tunisia, and Yemen.”

The Minister shed light on the problem of unemployment which affected Lebanon and attained 11% in 2010-2011.

“Unemployment rate today is close to 25%,” said Azzi.

He reiterated in this regard the importance of the return of Syrian refugees to Syria to minimize the socio-economic burden of Lebanon which affected several sectors, notably the labor one.

Source: National News Agency

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