"Talking about the 2019 elections is premature" Afek Tounes | Tunisia News Gazette

“Talking about the 2019 elections is premature” Afek Tounes

Talking about the 2019 elections is a premature question, Afek Tounes party said on Thursday in reference to the TV statements of Ennahdha Movement President Rached Ghannouchi who called on the government to focus on Tunisia’s economic challenges rather than the 2019 elections.

Prematurely raising this question can threaten the political stability and confiscate a legitimate constitutional right of each Tunisian citizen, the party pointed out at the end of its executive board’s meeting.

Afek Tounes further denounced the strategic alliance between Ennahdha Movement and Nidaa Tounes Movement which, according to the party, went from intention and theorisation to planning and execution.

This can only mean the definitive deviation from the Carthage Document’s spirit and points underlying it,” the party stressed.

Afek Tounes also denounced the successive attempts aimed at questioning the anti-corruption intentions and mechanisms, quoting notably Ghannouchi’s recent statements.

“Although it supports the war against corruption, the Ennahdha Movement invites the government to carry it out in accordance with the law and based on judicial provisions that can be appealed,” said Ghannouchi.

Source: TAP News Agency

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