Caid Essebsi – ‘I Will Resign From Presidency of Nidaa Tounes’ to Be President of All Tunisians

“I will resign from the presidency of Nidaa Tounes movement to be committed to the Presidency of the Republic and be the President of all Tunisians,” Beacuteji Caid Essebsi said Wednesday.

“We are calling for consultations, as soon as possible with Nidaa Tounes movement to think on a joint vision for the next stage” Caid Essebsi said in a speech delivered, during a meeting in Tunis with his partisans and party representatives who supported his candidacy during the presidential runoff.

“The process is still facing threats by those who sought to undermine Tunisia’s security and stability but eventually failed,” he added stressing the need to remain vigilant and united.

As to the line-up of the next government, the President-elect affirmed that Nidaa Tounes party will not govern on its own even if it won the overwhelming majority emphasising the usefulness of a large consensus to restore the state prestige.

Caid Essebsi pledged to respect the Constitution reminding that the second republic was born the day of the publication of the Tunisia’s new Constitution in the Official Gazette.

“We have clearly understood the message conveyed by the people,” Caid Essebsi said underlining the importance of “respecting one another even if some of us have gone astray”. He added that he will defend all Tunisians regardless the mistakes they have made.

At the opening of his speech, Caid Essebsi thanked all those who supported his candidacy as well as all citizens who voted for him, namely women, paying tribute to Habib Bourguiba, who according to him bet on women and their role in society.

Beacuteji Caid Essebsi created Nidaa Tounes movement in 2012 that he had presided until his election as president on December 21, 2014.

Source : Tunis Afrique Presse