Former UGET Militants Pledge to Lift Their Hunger Strike Saturday

Former members of the General Union of Tunisia’s Students (UGET), who have been observing a hunger strike since last March 15, pledged, Friday, to lift their protest on Saturday.

A working session, held Friday under the chairmanship of Prime Minister Habib Essid, decided the creation of a joint committee that will undertake to examine, case by case, the files of hunger-strikers to suggest adequate solutions.

Listed by political police under Ben Ali’s regime, the protesters were excluded from employment and denied access to public service staffing competitions.

The committee will be composed of representatives of the Prime Ministry, the House of the People’s Assembly (HPR) and the Ministries of Social Affairs and Vocational Training and Employment.

Work of the committee will begin next week according to a clear timetable and pre-established deadlines.

Former members of the UGET will be received to verify their files, a press release of the Prime Ministry said.

The meeting was attended by MPs from the Popular Front, the “Achaab” movement, Nidaa Tounes and Afek Tounes.

A group of 14 former militants of UGET had begun a wild hunger strike. Five of them were taken to the Charles Nicolle hospital after the deterioration of their health condition, Hafedh Sawari, a hunger-striker and member of the defence committee of former UGET members had told TAP.

Source : Tunis Afrique Presse