’Independence Is Not an End in Itself As Further Efforts Are Required to Preserve It’ (marzouki)

A ceremony was held, Thursday, on the celebration of the 58th anniversary of Independence, at the initiative of Caretaker President Moncef Marzouki, with attendance of National Constituent Assembly (NCA) Mustapha Ben Jaafar and Prime Minister Mehdi Jomaa.

“It is a good opportunity to remind youths that the independence they are enjoying today did not occur fortuitously but it was the fruit of the sacrifices of generations of Tunisians. It should not be an end in itself in the history of a people as further efforts are required to preserve it,” the President of the Republic said.

“Each commemoration of Independence is a new departure. Defend Tunisia’s independence is a constant effort as it is under a daily threat,” pointed out, specifying that independence feeds on the faith of Tunisians in the values of labour, self-giving, ambition, inventiveness and creation, which should help Tunisia become a real economic power and a hub of culture in the Arab world.

The President of the Republic asserted confidence in Tunisia’s future, “thanks to its consensual Constitution, brave army, republican security forces, vivacious civil society, responsible political class and mainly to its people who are against violence and all forms of fanaticism and attached to its national unity.

During the ceremony, Marzouki reviewed detachments of the interior security forces and presidential guard, in the presence of government members, heads of parliamentary groups, NCA commissions chairpersons, members of the Army Higher Council, heads of diplomatic missions and national organisations.

A number of

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former resistance fighters, the Tunisian scout organisation and Red Crescent were decorated with the insignia of Commander of the Order of Independence.

Wounded and martyrs among the military and security institutions were decorated with the posthumous insignia of Officer and Knight of the Order of the Republic.

Source : Tunis Afrique Presse