Mufti of Republic Denounces Use of Children As Human Shield

Mufti of the Republic Hamda Said decried the use of children by terrorists as a human shield and called it a cowardly and despicable act.

The repetitive attacks against the country and the people while using innocents as human shields make the crime even more shameful, the Mufti said Friday in a press release.

Hamda Said underlined that putting children in danger of death to protect oneself is a cowardly and heinous act which has nothing to do with Islam.

After twenty-eight hours of negotiations, special units of the National Guard stormed, on Friday morning, a house in Chabbaou (delegation of Oued Ellil) in which terrorists were taking shelter and using a three-year-old girl and a two-year-old boy as a human shield.

The girl suffered a head injury during the assault her condition is stable now. The boy got few scratches.

Six terrorists, including five women were killed, and two others, a man and woman, sustained injuries.

Source : Tunis Afrique Presse

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