Tunisia Has Managed to Strike Hard Blows At Terrorism – Chung Jian Hwa

On the sidelines of his working visit to Morocco, Prime Minister Mehdi Jomaa conferred, Friday in Tangiers, with Chinese Foreign Minister’s Special Envoy in charge of African Affairs Chung Jian Hwa.

The situation in the region and the last developments in Libya at the political and security levels were the focus of the meeting, a news release of the Prime Ministry reads.

laquo The democratic transition process in Tunisia has shown to the entire world that the Tunisian experience has succeeded to make steps on the path of consecrating democratic institutions and achieving stability, raquo the special envoy said.

He estimated that Tunisia has shown laquo maturity raquo by resorting to consensus and dialogue between the various political forces and civil society components.

Tunisia has accomplished noteworthy progress in countering terrorism and has managed to laquo strike hard blows raquo at it, which has helped the country forge ahead towards stability, he added.

Source : Tunis Afrique Presse