1st Sfax New Cruising Destination Forum to promote Tunisia’s heritage

Several tours will be organised to Sfax’s archeological sites and historic monuments, as well as to the Gabes oases during the 1st Sfax New Cruising Destination, due October 11, in a bid to promote the Tunisian heritage among cruise tourists.

On the agenda of the forum, which is part of the Tunisian southern governorates’ regional development strategies and promotion of its heritage, tours to the Mdina of Sfax, the El Jem amphitheatre, the Sbeitla site, the Younga castle in Mahress and the Kerkennah Islands known by the unique fishing method “Charfia,” which has been included in the UNESCO intangible cultural heritage.

The forum will see the participation of many international officials, such as expert in cruise tourism for 25 years Caroline Valadié, who will give an overview of the opportunities of hosting cruise ships in the port of Sfax and the expectations of cruise passengers in terms of cultural and archaeological visits. She will also talk about the tools to be developed so that Sfax becomes an unmissable destination in the Mediterranean.

The Association Sfax International, which brings together all the economic structures of the city of Sfax (UTICA – CONECT – CCIS – UPMI – Business Centre – Sfax Technopole – University of Sfax , etc.), launched the project several months ago to make of Sfax a cruise hub for the whole of the southern Tunisian region.

The forum will convene all the tourism and regional economy stakeholders to discuss the new development and investment opportunities that arise through the cruise tourism activity, and its impact on the potential for creating high value-added jobs in the region of Sfax but also in the regions of Kasserine (Sbeïtla), Mahdia, El Jem and Gabes.

The event is organised in collaboration with the Office of Merchant Navy and Ports (OMMP), the Tunisian Federation of Travel and Tourism Agencies (FTAV) and the Deposit and Consignment Fund (CDC).


Source: TAP News Agency