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‫”نمر مدراس” يحتل المركز الأول على مستوى العالم ويقتنص ذهبية بطولة العالم للشطرنج السريع لعام 2017

لندن، 29 ديسمبر 2017/ PRNewswire/ —

فيساوانثان آناند “Viswanathan Anand”  يهزم غريمه في النهائي في نهائي الجولات السريعة للبطولة، بينما تصدرت اللاعبة جو وينجون “ Ju Wenjun” مسابقة النساء لتتوج على رأس البطولة

Six members of support and supply cells to terrorists, arrested

Cells of support and supply of terrorist groups between the Kasserine and Sidi Bouzid governorates, whose members live in villages near the mountains, were discovered.

According to an Interior Ministry press release, six terrorists were …

Defense, Intelligence Officials Warn Against Underestimating Islamic State

WASHINGTON �Despite suffering what appear to be debilitating defeats on the ground in Iraq and parts of Syria, the Islamic State terror group is far from dead, according to military and intelligence officials from several …

Congo security forces accused of killing two during anti-government protests

Congolese security forces shot dead two men on Sunday during protests against President Joseph Kabila’s refusal to step down from office, Human Rights Watch said.

Catholic activists had called for protests after Sunday mass, one …

Turkey detains 20 suspected IS members, including 15 foreigners

Turkish police have detained 20 people, including 15 foreign nationals, on suspicion of links to Islamic State during raids in Istanbul, tightening security ahead of the anniversary of a nightclub attack in which dozens were …