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نقل مؤتمر “ماريتايم ستاندرد للناقلات البحرية” إلى موقع جديد

دبي، الإمارات العربية المتحدة، 1 أبريل 2018/PRNewswire/ — قررت مؤسسة “ماريتايم ستاندرد” نقل مؤتمر “ماريتايم ستاندرد للناقلات البحرية” لهذا العام إلى فندق أتلانتس بدبي، وذلك من أجل استيعاب الطلب المتزايد على الأماكن المُخصصة للوفود المشاركة.

Tunisia strongly condemns Israeli aggression against Palestinians in Gaza

Tunisia expressed its strong condemnation of the cowardly Israeli aggression perpetrated on Friday against Palestinians in Gaza during the “Great Return March” organised on the occasion of the celebration of the 42nd anniversary of Land …

Exceptional meeting of HPR Bureau in presence of PM (assessor)

The House of People’s Representatives (HPR) Bureau will hold on April 3 an exceptional meeting in the presence of Premier Youssef Chahed, Assessor of the HPR Speaker in charge of Communication Mohamed Ben Souf Sunday …

2018 Annual Meetings of the IsDB Group start Sunday

The 2018 Annual Meetings of the Islamic Development Bank Group (IDB) kicked off Sunday in Tunis, and will continue until Thursday, April 5. These meetings include :

-The 43rd Annual Meeting of the Board of …

Arab Institute for Human Rights warns against surge of hate speech in public space

The Arab Institute for Human Rights warned against the serious abuses that accompanied the debates on the process of transitional justice and fate of the Truth and Dignity Commission.

In a statement, the Institute regrets …