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61st Anniversary of EU: Europe Week in Tunis to open May 9

– “Highlighting everything that is done well in Tunisia”, is the sign under which the Delegation of the European Union in Tunisia celebrates this year the 61st anniversary of the EU.

“Europe Day, celebrated on May 9 every year, around the world, will be celebrated for a week in Tunisia,” Head of the European Delegation in Tunisia, Patrice Bergamini said at a press conference Thursday.

He added that this is a “double opportunity to celebrate Europe while celebrating the Tunisia-Europe partnership”.

Regarding the week’s programme, Bergamini said from May 9, nine events and meetings are scheduled in the different regions of the country and this until May 15.

The main themes addressed by these events revolve around culture, including the social economy and solidarity, development, youth and tourism, he said.

Bergamini said this Europe week is held with the agreement, support and especially the involvement of civil society, investors, youth and national and local authorities with the primary purpose of “highlighting everything that is done well in Tunisia”.

“Certainly, difficulties, challenges and obstacles persist, but there is an obligation of voluntarism between Tunisia and Europe,” he pointed out.

The European week will be closed on May 15, 2018, on the meeting of the Tunisia-EU Association Council in Brussels, which will be attended by Minister of Foreign Affairs Khemaies Jhinaoui and EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy Federica Mogherini.

Among the key events planned, the Head of the European Delegation in Tunisia particularly cited the launch on May 11 of a new co-operation programme between Tunisia and Europe, focused on regional development.

This programme will spread over 4 years and mobilise a budget of Euros 24 million, he said.

It will concern several regions whose social and economic situation is delicate in 8 governorates.

The objective is to “promote a better match between vocational training, economic opportunities and job supply and demand”.

Another important programme mentioned by Bergamini is the IRADA (Regional Initiative to Support Sustainable Economic Development), which will be launched on May 11 with a budget of Euros 50 million.

IRADA, whose official start is scheduled for 2019, is mainly aimed at supporting cultural and alternative tourism in Tunisia and enhancing the tourist and archaeological heritage.

Among the sites concerned by this programme is the Carthage Museum on the esplanade of which will be held the inaugural diplomatic cocktail of the Europe Week.

Two thousand personalities, including diplomats in particular will be invited to this event.

As part of its cultural component, Europe Week includes, on May 8 and 9, the closing conference of the “MEDMEDIA” project, which is an EU-funded project aimed at supporting institutions and individuals engaged in reform of the media sector in the southern Mediterranean region.

On May 10, a new edition of the TEDx Carthage is planned at the Municipal Theatre of Tunis.

On May 11, two events are scheduled: the Euro-Arab Forum on Youth in Monastir and the launch of “the nomad caravan on both sides” in Tunis.

On May 12, several projects will be inaugurated as part of the rehabilitation of the Nefta Basket Oasis.

On May 13, a meeting with young people from Redeyef (Gafsa) is scheduled as part of an EU-funded project.

Source: TAP News Agency

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