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62nd Anniversary of Internal Security Forces: Interior Minister reiterates commitment to eradicate terrorism

Interior Minister Lotfi Brahem stressed “the determination to eradicate terrorism in Tunisia regardless of the sacrifices”.

In a speech on Wednesday at a ceremony of decorations, held at the headquarters of the department, on the occasion of the celebration of the 62nd anniversary of the internal security forces, Lotfi Brahem paid tribute to the efforts of the security institution in the fight against terrorism, hailing the security achievements of recent years.

He also pointed out that efforts to address the scourge of smuggling have contributed to the revival of tourism, boosting development and creating an environment conducive to investment.

Brahem, who was accompanied by Justice Minister Ghazi Jeribi, paid tribute to the security forces and the military, who were martyred for the homeland, wishing a quick recovery for the injured military and security personnel, reaffirming the commitment to support their families.

While Commending the colossal efforts made by the various security bodies to preserve the country’s security, the Minister of the Interior has called on the officers and executives of the department to persevere and move forward to deal with all forms of crime.

He also stressed the imperative to uphold the law and respect for human rights and public freedoms guaranteed by the Constitution and international conventions, with the aim of establishing a republican police.

Brahem also emphasised the understanding of the relation between the security institution and the judiciary as well as the complementarity with the military institution, particularly with regard to the security of land and sea borders and the fight against terrorism.

The Minister also stressed the importance of freedom of expression and the press as the main pillars of democracy, reiterating his department’s readiness to facilitate the work of journalists and to ease the difficulties encountered.

“The Interior Ministry is willing to facilitate the work of journalists in mutual respect,” he said.

For his part, the Minister of Justice insisted on the need to fight the state of general carelessness, ensure the respect of the law and work for the preservation of public order and national security.

“We are deeply aware of the negative impacts of neglect and lawlessness that will lead to chaos,” he cautioned.

He added that democracy can not evolve in a climate of relaxation. It is the same for rights and freedoms that are guaranteed only in strict compliance with the law.

In his speech during the ceremony, he noted that the danger of terrorism persists despite the multiple victories achieved by the military and security institutions.

During this ceremony, officers and executives of the internal security forces (national security, National Guard, civil protection, prison institutions) were decorated.

Source: TAP News Agency

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