900,000 Brits Sign Petition to Block Trump's State Visit Due To 'Misogyny and Vulgarity' | Tunisia News Gazette

900,000 Brits Sign Petition to Block Trump’s State Visit Due To ‘Misogyny and Vulgarity’

Nearly 1 million people have signed a British petition demanding that President Donald Trump be denied a state dinner with the queen because of his well-documented misogyny and vulgarity that will embarrass Her Majesty.

For a time Sunday afternoon, as many as 1,000 people each minute were signing the petition, the Independent reported. The number of signatures was expected to hit 1 million before dawn Monday in England. Parliament considers any petition with more than 100,000 signatures, so it will discuss the document at an upcoming session.

Several travelers holding British passports have been turned away at the U.S. border, according to reports in the British media. But following pressure from British officials, Trump aides have now said that British dual citizens from the targeted countries will be allowed into the U.S., according to controversial Brexit champion and British Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson.

Source: TAP news Agency

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