About 30 graves Looted at Takoradi Cemetery

Mr Hudu Karim, the Metropolitan Environmental Analyst has confirmed that 30 graves had been desecrated and looted at the Takoradi Cemetery.

According to him, pieces of materials, among other human remains, were discovered.

Mr Karim told the Ghana News Agency that the cemetery, had been closed for official burial but for ‘future or Life’ graves bought by some living persons for their burials.

He added that the cemetery, lacked Security, aside weeds covering the face of the sacred grounds…’I have gone to inspect the place and you see clothing, pieces of human remain indicating indeed these unscrupulous persons have really cause havoc’.

The Metropolitan Environmental Analyst said previously, what people did were to remove the metal signpost and iron rods used…’but then it has stopped so we are surprised about this new twist’.

‘I will send my man to the place, and we plan to immediately weed the place and we mount surveillance, we will also put a maintenance fee to relatives to rehabilitate, wall and put a
gate to it.’.

Mr Karim was surprised that people were losing moral and spiritual consciousness and could desecrate the dead.

In a related development, the STMA hoped to increase the rate for acquiring space for burial.

The Environmentalist said the only active public cemetery in the STMA was the Ketan Road state cemetery which had space to accommodate the dead for the next five years.

Meanwhile, the assembly had secured a 37-acre land at Eshiem in Preparation for a new public cemetery.

He estimated that annually, between 200 and 300 people were buried aside paupers and unidentified bodies.

Source: Ghana News Agency