Accra Lions’ Assistant Coach Focuses on Boosting Player Confidence After Win

Accra – James Francis, the Assistant Coach of the Ghana Premier League side Accra Lions, has emphasized the importance of working on the team’s confidence following their 2-1 win over Karela United at the Accra Sports Stadium. The Lions secured the victory with goals from Mohammed Yahaya and Ali Mohammed, earning them three crucial points in the league.

According to Ghana News Agency, in a post-match interview, the team showed commendable control in the first half and created numerous chances. However, he acknowledged that the second half saw the team lose some of that control and come under significant pressure from Karela United. Despite these challenges, Francis expressed contentment with the team’s overall performance and their ability to clinch the win.

Coach Francis highlighted that football is a team effort, and thus, it is unnecessary to single out any player for the lapses in the second half. He emphasized the collective nature of the sport, stating, “It is a team; we can’t blame anyone. You have to look at the whole picture, build the confidence of the players, and encourage them to do better in the next game.”

He acknowledged the consolation goal scored by Karela United in the final minutes of the match as a result of a minor error. Francis assured that they would address this issue in preparation for their upcoming matches, aiming to prevent similar situations in future games.

The focus on building team confidence and addressing minor errors demonstrates the coaching staff’s commitment to continuous improvement and resilience, essential qualities for success in competitive sports like football.