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AfDB approves new country strategy paper for Tunisia (2017-2021)

The Board of Directors of the African Development Bank (AfDB) Group has just approved

the new country strategy paper 2017-2021 for Tunisia, which seeks to ensure a return to an inclusive high-level growth bearer of jobs by 2020 and “make of the country, a regional high-added- value hub,” according to an AfDB press release Saturday.

The collaboration programme between the AfDB and Tunisia for the next 5 years, approved Friday, was conceived to assist Tunisia in the implementation of its 2016-2020 Strategic Development Plan (PSD).

In this perspective, the AfDB will provide a specific support to the reinforcement and development of Tunisia’s industrial base through support for structural reforms that help step up competitiveness and the business climate as well as the development of transport infrastructure and logistics, the same source points out.

It will support the Tunisian government in setting up a new industrial and innovation policy (NPII) and diversifying sources of growth through the development of new value chains and promising niches at the regional level.

The creation of sustainable and quality jobs and fight against unemployment at national and regional levels will also be at the heart of the Bank’s work in compliace with the objectives of the 2016-2020 Strategic Development Plan, which seeks to reduce the current average unemployment rate from 15.6% to 11.8% by 2020.

The AfDB will also be involved at several levels, notably, through support to the development of innovative public policies in matters of employment with on the agenda the launch of a reflection on the improvement of the functioning of the labour market by developing human competences in service of industry and the private sector and self-entrepreneurship notably for the benefit of women and youths.

An important axis of the 2017-2021 strategy will also regard regional development and the improvement of the living conditions of the priority regions’ populations.

In this regard, the Bank will support the government’s decentralisation strategy by upgrading decentralised administrative services and public services in the regions, rehabilitating of priority basic infrastructures (water and sanitation, rural transport, education, health and Information and communication technologies and local development at the municipal level, according to the press release.

The AfDB will also endeavour to strengthen the rural economy through the modernisation of agriculture and the development of rural entrepreneurship through improved access to financial and non-financial services for the regions.

as part of its activities in Tunisia, the ADB will encourage green growth and the protection of the environment and natural resources through support for the development of renewables.

The Bank will encourage the sustainable management of water resources through the improvement of wastewater reprocessing and the promotion of innovative irrigation techniques, as well as the implementation of urban and rural waste recycling policies and mechanisms in compliance with international best practices.

According to the AfDB, Tunisia is its 5th largest borrower. It currently has a large active portfolio of projects, with 43 operations underway, a large number of which regard technical assistance, which represents a financial commitment to June 30, 2017, of about $ 1.8 billion (equivalent to 4.4 billion dinars).

Source: TAP News Agency

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