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Africa Blockchain Summit to be organised May 14, 2018 in Tunis

The Africa Blockchain Summit, Governors of Central Banks Forum, will be held on May 14, 2018, at the BCT headquarters, by the Central Bank of Tunisia, Paris EUROPLACE, with the technical support of the Talan Group. This event is meant to capture the impact of distributed registry technology on African and emerging market finance, according to a statement issued by the issuing institute on Friday.

The blockchain is an information storage and transmission technology, transparent, secure, and operating without a central control organ.

This initiative aims to contribute to the discussions and work in progress on the global Blockchain, and propose a regional perspective a grid analysis and understanding of this technology. It is based on a multidimensional approach, which will identify the blockchain’s challenges, and potential applications for African finance and the MENA region.

Three additional sessions are planned in the programme. The first, institutional, Governors’ Conference, bringing together Governors of Central Banks and senior African and international finance executives in panels led by renowned speakers. The second will be devoted to workshops on concrete uses of Blockchain by the financial sector. Finally, the third will focus on research and innovation, through a Hackathon bringing together FinTechs, academics, researchers and developers around a Blockchain challenge, in connection with operational concerns.

The event will also be the occasion for the publication of a white paper that will offer a shared vision of how Central Banks in the region will address Blockchain challenges to create an appropriate regulatory framework that improves security and security. the efficiency of the financial markets.

On this summit, BCT Governor Chedly Ayari said, “Our responsibility is to encourage this technological shift, as its promised benefits for the performance of payment systems and the efficiency of financial services are great. But when it comes to new technology, new risks and new challenges: it’s up to us to anticipate them and deploy all the strategies that can preserve the integrity of our financial systems. “

For his part, the delegate general of Paris EUROPLACE, Arnaud de Bresson stressed that “Paris EUROPLACE is mobilised to contribute to the success of the Africa Blockchain Summit, relying, on the experiments of the financial center of Paris to control and deploy this technology, which should accelerate the development and growth of financial services in Africa and emerging countries. “

For his part, Talan Group President Mehdi Houas said that “Africa needs technological innovation to skip a generation and catch up, and technological innovation needs Africa to have a virgin playground and validate, in full scale, these new concepts. It is a strong conviction that Talan has always defended and it is in a dynamic of collective intelligence, agility, pragmatism and entrepreneurial spirit that was conceived this Hackathon, first of its kind in Africa, following the adage of our famous African ancestor Hannibal “we find the way by building it”.

Source: TAP news Agency

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