After defeat of Daesh, Al Qaida seeks to reposition itself in Maghreb (expert) | Tunisia News Gazette

After defeat of Daesh, Al Qaida seeks to reposition itself in Maghreb (expert)

Security expert former National Guard officer Ali Zeramdini believes that the current situation in the country confirms the information relayed on the persistence of pockets of terrorism on the Tunisian heights.

In a statement Tuesday to TAP, he said that these nuclei are organically and structurally linked to terrorist groups based in particular in eastern Algeria, Libya and the Sahel.

According to the expert, a reading in the distribution of terrorist groups in the region, especially after the defeat of Daesh, shows that AQIM (Al Qaeda of the Islamic Maghreb) is seeking to reposition itself and recover the remaining members of Daesh.

He added that AQIM, which keeps the leaders of the 1990s in the region like “Abdelmalek Dardoukal” and Mokhtar Bel Mokhtar” alias” Laouar,” in addition to Tunisian leaders active in Libya including “Abu Iyadh,” intend to establish themselves as the main terrorist force in the region.

For these groups, Tunisia is a point of extension, while Libya is chosen to be the location and a base for training and interaction with the entire region.

Zeramdini called for vigilance against the presence of terrorists on the Tunisian heights, pointing to the exploits carried out by the security forces and the Army in this area.

According to him “one terrorist is enough to put the country in danger.”

Heard on Monday by the House of People’s Representatives Defence and Security Commission, Defence Minister Abdelkrim Zbidi said that terrorist threats on the heights of the Tunisian-Algerian border still persist.

These are serious threats, he said, all the more so as terrorist elements entrenched on the heights in the governorates of Kasserine, Kef and Jendouba continue to plan, according to information received, operations targeting the facilities and military units, as well as strategic sites.

Attacks projected, according to the minister, in response to the setbacks suffered by terrorists after the recent military offensives against them.

Terrorist threats are also present on the south-eastern border of the country in the face of the deteriorating security and political situation in Libya, he warned.

According to him, terrorist elements (of Tunisian nationality or other nationalities) continue to infiltrate the country to execute terrorist operations or join groups entrenched on western heights.

The country is not immune to threats and surprises despite the high level of readiness of security and military institutions, he indicated.

Source: TAP News Agency

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