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Agreements signed with German Development Bank

Three loan agreements and a financing agreement to set up new programmes in the areas of energy efficiency in sanitation with ONAS, improvement of drinking water quality with SONEDE and Integrated Water Resources Management with the Ministry of Agriculture were signed Tuesday.

The agreements were signed at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, between the German Development Bank (KfW), on the one hand, and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the National Sanitation Utility (ONAS) and the National Water Distribution Utility (SONEDE), on the other hand.

According to a statement from the KfW office in Tunisia, the KFW will make available to the Tunisian Government, ONAS and SONEDE loans amounting to Euros 82 million and a donation of Euros 2.5 million:

Second installment of “National Programme for the Improvement of Drinking Water Quality II.”

The signing of a loan agreement with SONEDE for an amount of Euros 40 million will fund six brackish water desalination plants including Sidi Bouzid, Gafsa, Kebili, Degueche and Ben Guerdane.

The desalination plants will contribute to the reduction of the extreme water shortage in Tunisia and ensure the continuous supply with a clean and sufficient quality of water and meeting Tunisian drinking water standards.

Energy Efficiency in Sanitation

KfW and the National Sanitation Utility (ONAS) have also signed a loan agreement for an amount of Euros 32 million which will be allocated to the programme “energy efficiency implemented by ONAS.

This programme provides for the improvement of energy management and energy efficiency of Tunisian wastewater treatment plants.

The objective of the programme is the optimization of energy consumption in wastewater treatment plants (WWTP) through the use of innovative technologies and equipment for energy optimisation.

The reduction of energy consumption as well as the self-production of energy from biogas (digestion / cogeneration) or from photovoltaic installations on WWTPs aim to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

“Good Management Fund” in rural areas

KfW and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs have signed a Euros 10 million loan agreement and a Euros 2.5 million financing contract (in the form of a donation) for the “Good Management Fund” project which aims to ensure the sustainability of drinking water supply systems (AEP) and small and medium hydraulic systems (PMH) in rural areas.

It aims to contribute to improving the living conditions of the target population through sustainable management and efficient use of water resources in rural areas.

The donation will be used for technical assistance to the staff of the Directorate General of Rural Engineering and Water Exploitation (DGGREE) of the Ministry of Agriculture, Water Resources and Fisheries (MARHP), Regional Development Commissions of Kairouan, Kasserine, Sidi Bouzid, Mahdia and Sfax, and Agricultural Development Groups and Hydraulic Groupings (GDA / GH) involved in this pilot project.

KfW’s commitment to water is based on the Tunisian government’s National Water Policy and the Water Sector Concept of the German Federal Government, having as one of its main objectives Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM) with the aim of contributing to socio-economic development in rural and disadvantaged areas

Source: TAP News Agency

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