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Agriculture Minister calls for boosting agricultural investment

“The level of investment directed towards the agricultural sector remains well below the expectations and the potential of this sector, being between 8 and 10% of all the investments made during the last decade,” Minister of Agriculture, Water Resources and Fisheries, Samir Taieb regretted Wednesday, while inviting domestic and foreign investors to seize the broad investment opportunities offered by agriculture.

Taieb was speaking at the opening of a B2B partnership day between Tunisian agricultural investors and their counterparts from other countries (Qatar, CAte d’Ivoire), held within the framework of the International Show of Agriculture, Agricultural Machinery and Fishing SIAMAP, organised by the Tunisian Union of Agriculture and Fisheries (UTAP).

He affirmed the commitment of the authorities to intensify efforts to improve the positioning of the agricultural sector on the map of investments and enhance its contribution to regional and rural development and to ensure food security.

The minister said these efforts have helped to accelerate the pace of private investment in this sector which has reached 58% of all investments made in the agricultural sector during the last 5 years.

“Thanks to the specific incentives granted to foreign investors, the volume of investments with foreign participation in the agricultural sector reached 540 million dinars, or 6% of all approved investments at the end of 2016, he noted.

Spain, France, Italy, Netherlands, Germany, Saudi Arabia and Morocco are the top investors in this area and we hope to attract other countries.”

Director General of the Agency for the Promotion of Agricultural Investment (APIA) Abderrahmane Chafai considered that beyond the fiscal and other incentives, investors both domestic and foreign are interested in the first place in the business climate, which needs to be further improved to attract more investment.

He also gave a reminder of the main fiscal and financial incentives granted to investors under the new investment law, including tax rebates, exemption from customs duties for equipment imports, bonuses for added value and increased competitiveness, economic efficiency, employability development, regional development, sustainable development….

Source: TAP News Agency

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