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AHK member companies claim reliable legal framework and attractive production costs (DG AHK)

A survey carried out by the Tunisian-German Chamber of Industry and Commerce (AHK), which will be presented shortly, revealed a major concern among the member companies about the economic outlook, said Martin Henkelmann, Director General of AHK.

Speaking on Friday at the 38th General Assembly of the AHK, the official stressed that these companies claim a reliable legal framework as well as attractive production costs.

We will discuss these recommendations with the Tunisian government, said the official, adding that the objective is not to lose any business and to intervene so that the regulation is favorable to investment.

For Henkelmann, there are positive signs for investment in Tunisia, particularly in the fields of services, IT and distribution.

As regards the new investment code, he said that the AHK would ensure that its application be transparent and reliable, particularly at the level of the administration.

In a statement to TAP, Raouf Ben Debba, President of the AHK, reviewed the main achievements, noting in particular the training company programme, a vocational training project in cooperation with the Konrad- Adenauer and the Ariana vocational training center.

He also mentioned the creation of the guidance and vocational retraining centre (CORP) in Tunisia which offers job seekers advice and guidance as well as information on concrete job offers.

The 38th General Assembly will have to elect for two years (2017/2019) a president, two vice-presidents and seven members of the executive committee belonging to Tunisian and German companies.

For the post of president of the AHK, there is only one candidate namely Ibrahim Debache, President of Ennakl Automobile.

Source: TAP News Agency

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