Ain Draham, covered with a blanket of snow, attracts thousands of visitors

The heights of the governorate of Jendouba and especially the small town of Ain Draham, which was covered with a blanket of snow, has attracted many visitors who came to admire the snowy landscape.

According to local authorities, thousands of people have flocked to Ain Draham and Beni Mtir. Hotels and hostels in the region have been stormed and the occupancy rate has reached 100%, according to local tourism delegate Aissa Maraouni.

Visitors, who arrived from several regions (Greater Tunis, Beja, Sfax, Sousse …), have expressed to TAP, their dissatisfaction with the decision to close the roads leading to Ain Draham.

Chairperson of the local committee for disaster control and organisation of relief Samir Kouka said the decision to ban access to the city of Ain Draham is to avoid any major risk on the roads and in order to protect people.

The municipalities of Tabarka, Jendouba, Bousalem and Beni Mtir are working to clear snow from the roads and thereby allow visitors and trips to reach the city of Ain Draham, he added.

In addition, local agricultural development delegate in Jendouba Abdeljalil Aifli told TAP the rainfall recorded in the last two days, will contribute positively to increase the water reserves of dams, reload the water table and ensure the sustainability of forests.

The dam of Bouhertma recorded an additional 3 million m3 of water level. It now has 25 million m3, he said.

The city of Tabarka, located in northern Tunisia, has recorded over the past 24 hours, the highest rate of rainfall with 39 millimeters, according to data provided by the National Institute of Meteorology.

Sejnane, in the governorate of Bizerte, comes in second place with 33 mm, followed by Nefza (governorate of Beja), with 24 mm.

Source: Tap News Agency