Al Joumhouri, Ettakatol and Democratic Current attached to right to demonstrate

Al Joumhouri Secretary-General Issam Chebbi reaffirmed on Thursday the attachment of his party as well as Ettakatol and the Democratic Movement to the right to demonstrate on January 14 at Habib Bourguiba Avenue.

The ban on demonstrations is a political decision that, moreover, constitutes a serious drift that threatens rights and freedoms since the announcement of exceptional measures.

Speaking at a press conference in Tunis, Chebbi said that the three parties hold the President of the Republic responsible for the repercussions of the decision to ban citizens’ right to express themselves.

He added that this decision confirms a tendency to monopolise all powers, saying that the parties refuse to see Tunisia turn into a despotic state where rights are confiscated.

The leader denounced the fact that democratic parties and national personalities are prevented from exercising the right to demonstrate and assemble, which constitutes, according to him, a disavowal of democratic achievements and a violation of the constitution and international texts.

On another level, Issam Chebbi described as “fictitious” the national consultation that is currently in the experimental phase. According to him, the objective of this action is to confer “an illusory and false legitimacy” to the decisions taken.

This consultation, whose results are known in advance, he went on saying, will serve as a pretext to place the institutions of the state at the service of the political agendas of the President of the Republic.

For his part, Secretary-General of Ettakatol (Democratic Forum for Labour and Freedoms), Khalil Zaouia noted that, according to the rumour, the ban on demonstrations will be extended to lead to the postponement of the congress of the Tunisian General Labour Union (UGTT) scheduled for February 2022.

The post-July 25, 2021 policy refuses dialogue and openness, which is a serious drift that it is our duty to confront, he said.

For Secretary-General of the Democratic Current, Ghazi Chaouachi, the parties and national personalities who will be at the meeting on January 14 decided to do so first to celebrate the anniversary of the revolution, but also to protest against the autocratic approach of the President of the Republic who has monopolised all powers, according to him.

He regretted the “politicisation” of the scientific committee to combat the coronavirus, saying that the decision to ban demonstrations proposed by this structure was political and did not respond to a health imperative.


Source: Tap News Agency