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Al Massar stays in national unity government

The Al Massar party reaffirmed that it remains partner in the national unity government and stressed its attachment to the Carthage Document and its priorities set as a programme of action in the country.

It also announced the withdrawal of its co-ordinator Jouneidi Abdeljawad.

At the end of its political bureau meeting on Sunday and the assessment by its recent central council meeting of the “Carthage Document” and the participation in the national unity government, the party expressed in a statement its “concern about the implementation of the document “.

It called for improving it to “meet the economic and social challenges” by putting in place tools to control its content, to guarantee good governance and effectively involve the signatory parties.

“Our participation in the government as a partner reflects our sense of political responsibility as long as the government is working to fill the gaps in the lack of communication with the signatories of the Carthage document (in July 2016), in the fight against money laundering and terrorism financing, the slowness in the establishment of constitutional institutions and the updating of laws that do not comply with the constitution, “Al Massar emphasised.

The party also called on the government to guarantee “the conditions of neutrality and transparency to ensure the success of municipal elections.

Al Massar also noted “the existence of positions reflecting the diversity within the party and took note of the decision of Jouneidi Abdeljawad to end his mission at the head of the national secretariat and his position as party coordinator.

It said that the political bureau will meet later to discuss the replacement of Abdeljawad.

Minister of Agriculture, Water Resources and Fisheries Samir Bettaieb represents the Al Massar party in the national unity government.

Source: TAP News Agency

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