ALECSO Chief Hails Bayt Mal Al-Quds Agency’s Achievements in Preserving Al-Quds’ Cultural Identity

This statement was made during the visit of Ould Amar at the headquarters of the Agency, where he attended presentations on its prerogatives and its fields of action as an institution under the Al Quds Committee, from the Organization of Islamic Cooperation, especially in the fields of education, culture and science.

According to a statement by the Agency, the Director General stressed the determination of ALECSO to move forward in supporting the agency’s projects in Al-Quds and explore ways to develop a joint plan for the Holy City.

For his part, the director in charge of the management of the Bayt Mal Al-Quds Acharif Agency, Mohamed Salem Cherkaoui, said that the cooperation between the two institutions is likely to boost the Agency’s efforts in preserving the heritage of Al-Quds and its identity, in consecration of its place as a city of peace and unity for the followers of the three heavenly religions, in accordance with the directives of HM the King, Chairman of the Al-Quds Committee.

Source: Agency Morocaine De Presse