All Nations University commences construction of health science block

The All Nations University (ANU) in Koforidua has held a ground-breaking ceremony to commence the construction of a one-storey health science block scheduled to be completed by September this year.

The groundbreaking ceremony marks the beginning of an important chapter in the university’s growth and commitment to providing cutting-edge facilities for quality education in the health sciences.

The block would be named after Dr James Orleans-Lindsay, the Chairman of the Emergency Medicine Technology (EMT) programme of the institution.

The building will contain 10 lecture halls, two skills laboratories for EMT practice, four heads of department offices, 10 faculty offices, washrooms, and other facilities.

Dr Orleans-Lindsay said science was the bedrock of all developments and that the building, when completed, would improve the learning experience of students aspiring to become doctors and promote further education.

Professor Samuel Donkor, the President of the University, said Ghana required well-trained pa
ramedics and emergency medical service providers who could promptly attend to medical emergencies at the scenes of disasters.

That would ensure victims got immediate care before being transported to the hospital for further treatment.

The All Nations University had a Biomedical and Allied Health Sciences faculty that provided programmes such as the Bachelor of Science (BSc) in General Nursing and the BSc in Emergency Medicine Technology.

Professor Albert Gyimah, the Chancellor, ANU, expressed his commitment to supporting the University in its efforts to promote the school.

The University also provided a broad spectrum of undergraduate and graduate programmes in areas like oil and gas engineering, electronic and communications engineering, business administration, and biblical studies, he said.

He said the graduate programmes offered an array of options, including MBA Accounting, Human Resources Management, Finance, Hospital Management, Information Technology, MPhil Business Administration, MPhil Theology
and MSc Cyber Security.

Source: Ghana News Agency