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AMA’s creation guarantees right of access to quality and affordable medicines (Samira Merai)

The creation of the African Medicines Agency (AMA) is a kind of setting up a catalyst for enhanced surveillance of the regulations and national medicines authorities in order to give them the means and the legal arsenal to fight against Medical products of mediocre quality, said Wednesday in Tunis Health Minister Samira Merai Friaa.

In her address at the opening of the 3rd consultation of the institutional, legal and financial frameworks for AMA’s establishment in compliance with the Luanda commitment, Merai pointed out that this institution will endeavour to fight against all fake “drugs, falsely labeled and counterfeit which malicious international channels seeking to introduce into the African market.

Merai stressed during this two-day meeting that it is also a matter of establishing through AMA the catalyst that is able to promote the competitiveness of local pharmaceuticals, especially those aimed at fighting diseases which disproportionately affect our continent.

The main function of this structure will be to ensure quality control of medicines to be placed on the African market, she added.

In this regard, the minister underlined that the pharmaceutical industry, which has 32 units capable of meeting 50% of national needs, is endowed with undeniable know-how and rigorous regulation, specifying that Tunisia has managed to export medicines and medical devices to many countries in Africa, Europe, the Middle East and others around the world.

For her part, representative of the NEPAD transforming Africa organisation Margareth N.Sigonda explained that AMA aims to empower each African Union member State to regulate the production of medicines, co-ordinate and reinfroce the harmonisation of legislation on the production of medicines, prepare guides and technical support and improve the quality of medicines.

Representative of the World Health Organisation (WHO) BenoA�t Lebot asserted WHO’s support to African countries in the process of setting up this Agency.

The initiative of this structure was launched in 2014 with the aim of setting it up by 2018.

Source: TAP News Agency

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