Amending Finance Law 2022: State budget revenues amount to TND 41.130 billion

The State budget revenues for 2022 amount to TND 41.130 billion according to the Amending Finance Law 2022, published Wednesday in the Official Gazette of the Tunisian Republic, against TND 38.618 billion budgeted in the Finance Law 2022 (+TND 2.512 billion).


Revenues are distributed as follows: TND 36 billion in tax receipts, TND 3.9 billion in non-tax revenues and TND 1.1 billion in donations.


Tax revenues are mainly derived from taxes on income, profits and capital gains standing at about TND 15.001 billion, including salaries and emoluments (TND 7.1 billion), fees, commissions, brokerage fees and rents (TND 639 million), the revenues of securities and investment income (TND 724.5 million) as well as industrial and commercial profits and non-commercial profits (TND 486 million).


Tax receipts include taxes on the profits of oil companies (TND 1.67 billion) and non-oil companies (TND 2.1 billion) and advances on imported consumer products (TND 386 million).


This also encompasses duties on tranfers totalling TND 474 billion, taxes on goods and services, consumption charges, duties on transport and other products (TND 14.017 billion) as well as taxes on foreign trade and transactions (TND 1.856 billion) and other taxes and duties (TND 4.692 billion).


Non-tax revenues amount to TND 3.975 billion; they are distributed as follows: property income, dividends, excess profits of enterprises, fees and other products (nearly TND 3.2 billion) and fines, penalties and forfeits at an overvall value of TND 219 millon.


Receipts include donations (TND 1.1 billion); this comprises domestic and external donations of about TND 865 million and restricted donations amounting to TND 250 million.


Source: Tap News Agency