Amending finance law: Finance Ministry denies reduction in State expenditure in 2022

The Ministry of Finance denied news about a reduction in State expenditure by 6,000 million dinars (MD), under the amending finance law for 2022, saying the overall expenditure for 2022 is estimated at 50,914 MD against 47,166 MD in the initial finance law, up 3,748 MD.


An official from the technical services of the ministry told TAP Sunday the assumptions adopted in the framework of the 2022 Finance Law were reviewed, in the light of the global economic situation, particularly the war between Russia and Ukraine.


The amending finance law for 2022 expects an increase in State budget by 6.20%, in the light of a review of the volume of expenditures as well as the principal of the debt and credits cash at 9,906 MD against 10,125 MD estimated within the framework of the initial finance law for the 2022.


The same applies to all the State’s own resources, which rose to 41,130 MD against 38,618 MD estimated in the initial finance law.


These resources come from tax revenues, the value of which is estimated at 36,040 MD against 35,091 MD previously estimated, i.e. an increase of 949 MD, as well as non-tax revenue updated for 2022, at 3,975 MD against 3,067 MD expected at the initial finance law, or a noticeable increase of 908 MD.


Presidential decree No. 69 for 2022, dated November 22, 2022, relating to the amending finance law for 2022 was published in the Official Gazette of the Republic of Tunisia on November 23, 2022.

Source: Tap News Agency