Amending FL 2022: Treasury resources up by TND 1.017 billion compared to 2022 FL

The 2022 amending Finance Law (FL) provides for a new article allowing the State to raise a total of TND19.69 billion from the treasury, compared to TND18.673 billion previously set in the 2022 FL, up by TND1.017 billion.


According to the decree-law n°69 dated November 22, 2022 on the amended Finance Law published on November 23, 2022 in the Official Gazette of the Tunisian Republic (JORT), these resources are shared out between external borrowing resources (TND11.916 billion), internal borrowing resources (TND9.278 billion) and treasury resources (TND1.504 billion).


These resources are used to fund the State budget result and cover the treasury expenditures.


These resources are used to fund the budget deficit including external grants, privatisation and confiscation to the tune of TND 9.784 billion, and to repay the principal of the domestic and external debt by TND5.534 billion and TND4.272 billion, respectively.


A sum of TND100 million will be used to cover loans and advances from the Treasury.


The budget deficit for 2022 is expected to reach TND 9.7 billion, as expenditures will exceed TND 50.9 billion, while financial resources are estimated at TND 41.3 billion.


Source: Tap News Agency