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Amount of 200 MD mobilised to strengthen technological infrastructure (Secretary of State for Digital Economy)

Tunisia has mobilised, since August 2016, a budget of about 200 million dinars (MD) to strengthen the technological infrastructure of the country, which will improve the business climate for young people start-ups and companies operating in the ICT sector in the four corners of the Republic, said Habib Debbabi, Secretary of State for the Digital Economy.

Speaking, Sunday, at a seminar on the theme “Partnership, support for innovation and promotion of ICT”, organised as part of the annual meetings 2018 of the Islamic Development Bank, held in Tunis, from April 1 to 5, the government official underlined that Tunisia is keen to take advantage of this new technological challenge in order to succeed in its economic recovery, and this, through the mobilisation of all necessary means.

In this context, he said that our country has drafted the “Start up Act” that is part of a national strategy voluntarist “Start up Tunisia” to make Tunisia a Start-up Nation. This bill will be submitted Monday, April 2 for vote to the House of People’s Representatives (HPR).

“Concurrently, we conducted the reflections for the development of the digital code, whose first draft will be presented at the end of this week to the various stakeholders including civil society,” he noted, adding that this code will be ready before the end of this year.

A third component is essential to succeed this transition to the digital economy, according to the Secretary of State, namely the coaching and support of young talent, able to help them to build and succeed their projects and to ensure their sustainability.

Dabbabi also spoke of the need to involve the financial sector in this approach and to convince those in charge of the sector, to support the bearers of ideas by providing them the financial means necessary to launch their projects, reiterating that this kind of investment is today, highly profitable.

In the same context, Hedi Zaher, general manager of “Datavora”, a Tunisian start-up specialised in e-commerce Big Data, cited the example of the e-commerce sector, which is recording strong growth worldwide. 10%, during the last 5 years, and today represents a turnover of more than 2,700 billion dinars.

“Innovation is a factor that promotes equal opportunities for the most developed and least developed countries, especially since this activity requires much less investment than other sectors such as industry or tourism, and whose benefits are greater, “said the manager.

Sharing the same point of view, Elyes Jeribi, general manager of the e-commerce site “Jumia”, said that African and Arab countries, including Tunisia, “have a historic opportunity to reduce the gap and inequalities with the developed countries, with a strong commitment to innovation and new promoter and high value-added sectors”.

He said that Kenya is the first country worldwide in terms of payment via GSM, an activity that provides about 80% of the GDP of this African country.

Mouna Hamdan, an expert at the International Finance Corporation (IFC), of the World Bank Group, called for the imperative to be well prepared to succeed in this digital transition, through the supervision of young start-up companies. investment in research and innovation and the preparation of human resources, focusing more and more on training courses and teaching courses on tomorrow’s jobs.

She added “50% of jobs available today will disappear in the next 20 years, since we will move more towards artificial intelligence, which necessarily requires reviewing our education systems.”

Source: TAP News Agency

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