AMSSNuR Participates in IAEA Scientific Forum in Vienna

IAEA Director General Rafael Mariano Grossi opened the forum, said an AMSSNuR statement, adding that during five sessions spread over two days, leading experts from around the world highlighted the role of nuclear science in the global fight against cancer in a multidisciplinary, systematic, equitable and continuous manner.


Regarding the participation of AMSSNuR in this scientific forum, Acting Director Mounji Zniber gave a presentation on the role of member states in supporting neighboring countries to ensure safety and security, saying that his intervention concerns the action of Morocco as an important actor in Africa.


Through his presentation, Zniber highlighted Morocco’s support to the IAEA’s Rays of Hope initiative, stressing that the Kingdom is perfectly in line with the initiative to ensure cancer care for all and can contribute to the achievement of the goal of “reducing by one third the rate of premature mortality due to non-communicable diseases” as set out in the IAEA’s Sustainable Development Programme to 2030.


Zniber also recalled that Morocco is committed to sharing its experience, expertise and lessons learned with African member states of the IAEA.


This initiative aims to establish and / or strengthen the infrastructure for radiation safety, the establishment of skills of health professionals and medical physicists, and the provision of equipment.


In this sense, AMSSNuR has made a commitment to the IAEA to contribute to the establishment of regulatory infrastructure at the African level.


As a result, AMSSNuR has organized, among others, more than 9 IAEA expert and advisory missions, more than 90 regional workshops and more than 27 fellowships and scientific visits to African countries.


A memorandum of understanding to strengthen cooperation in the fight against cancer and zoonoses was signed in Rabat in June 2022, between the Ministry of Health and Social Protection and the IAEA, to achieve the objectives of the initiative Rays of Hope, in particular the establishment of skills, including the theoretical and practical training of health professionals.


In the same context, Mohammed V University and the National Center for Nuclear Energy, Science and Technology (CNESTEN), in collaboration with AMSSNuR and the Ministry of Health and Social Protection, under the auspices and cooperation of the IAEA, have organized two editions of the Master of Radiopharmacy for the benefit of more than 8 African Member States of the IAEA.


Finally, Zniber added that, in accordance with the Royal Directives aimed at strengthening South-South relations, the AMSSNuR and the concerned ministerial departments aspire to consolidate the national position at the African level through an intense and active participation in several cooperation programs, including the Regulatory Infrastructure Development Project (RIDP) and the Forum of Nuclear Regulators in Africa (FNRBA), as well as all activities planned under the Rays of Hope initiative, the statement concluded.


Source: Agency Morocaine De Presse