Aoun receives invitation to partake in Future Movement conference

President of the Republic, Michel Aoun, received on Wednesday at the Baabda Palace the Future Movement Secretary General, Ahmad Hariri, on top of a delegation of the secretariat who invited him to partake in the General Conference to be held by the Future Movement at Biel on November 26 and 27. A word is scheduled to be delivered by Head of the Movement Saad Hariri at the conference, to set the Future’s trajectory for the upcoming stage.

On a different note, President Aoun received congratulatory telegrams on the occasion of Lebanon’s 73rd Independence Day, mainly from the Jordanian King and the Presidents of Tunisia, Cyprus and Armenia.

Heads of States dwelled in their telegrams on the deep-rooted ties between their countries and Lebanon, and wished the country progress and prosperity.

Source: National News Agency.