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Appointment of ten delegates from Afek Tounes in last delegates’ reshuffle

In the last reshuffle of the delegates, Afek Tounes party presented a list of “skilled persons able to accede to this post”, indicated president of Afek Tounes Yassine Brahim party, specifying that 10 new delegates were appointed bringing the number of delegates belonging to his party to 12.

On Friday January 27, the Prime Ministry announced a movement among the delegates under which 114 delegates were nominated in different parts of the country.

Referring to the government’s performance, Yassine Brahim, whose party is a member of the national unity government, said that a five-month assessment of the government’s formation would be partial.

A true assessment begins a year after the government takes office, he said on the sidelines of the Afek Tounes National Council on Sunday in Tunis.

The government must be given the opportunity and let it work, he emphasised, predicting an improvement in the economic situation once the state budget is prepared by the current government next year.

The government must be bold in making decisions, he said.

Regarding the blocking of the adoption of the electoral law, Yassine Brahim insisted on the need to set a date for the municipal elections in order to solve the problems experienced by several regions, calling on the parties to focus on the municipalities during the next step.

He reasserted the position of his party which supports the right of participation of the military and the security forces in the elections, reminding that Afek Tounes had claimed as of 2011 this right that the Constitution guarantees.

On the national council of the party, Yassine Brahim said it will discuss the latest political developments and preparations of its second congress in March 2017.

Source: TAP news Agency

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