Approved agricultural investments have reached 200.7 MD in 1st half of 2021 (APIA)

The approved private agricultural investments have reached, until the end of June 2021, 1,453 investment operations worth 200.7 MD, a change of 25.6% in terms of number and 24.5% in terms of value, according to the latest statistics published Friday by the Agricultural Investment Promotion Agency (APIA).

Compared to the development plan 2016-2020, private agricultural investments have recorded a regression of 17.2% in terms of value. These investments will create 1,536 permanent jobs.

According to sectors, approved investments in the activity of planting fruit trees have evolved by 63%, reaching 92.8 MD. In the field of planting olive trees, approved investments have reached 49.7 MD. Regarding investments approved for the benefit of young promoters, they have grown by 24.9% to 26.6 MD.

In the field of renewable energy, investments have continued to evolve in recent years, with the adoption of 62 investment operations relating to solar energy components worth 13.1 MD. The subsidy of renewable energies amounted to 4 MD.

The adopted investments in the sector of fishing remain stable, to be situated in 12,7 MD. Investments in the aquaculture sector have declined, to be limited to 3 operations related to aquaculture in the governorate of Monastir. In the services sector, investments increased by 59.2% to reach 22.6 MD.


Source: TAP News Agency