ARP opening session: MP taken out of Chamber by policez

MP Wajdi Ghaoui said the police took him out of the Chamber of the Assembly of People’s Representatives during the inaugural plenary session of the new parliament. He is suspected in a case of “forgery and the use of forgeries” related to the sponsorship of candidates. In a statement to TAP, Ghaoui said his contestant in the parliamentary elections, Hanen Bibi, had filed a complaint against him on suspicion of falsifying sponsorships. Ghaoui said he was surprised by the incident, especially as the case is still ongoing and the same candidate’s complaint to the administrative court was rejected. Wajdi Ghaoui was a candidate in the parliamentary elections in the constituency of Mourouj Farhat Hached (Ben Arous governorate) before being elected with an absolute majority against his rival Hanen Bibi.

Source: Agence Tunis Afrique Presse (TAP)