ARP: Symposium on parliamentary work specificities

A symposium aimed at raising awareness among newly elected members of the people on the specificities of parliamentary action and the means to be implemented so that the performance of the new parliament is in line with the expectations of Tunisians was held on Wednesday, at the initiative of the Assembly of People’s Representatives (ARP).
In his speech, Parliament Speaker Brahim Bouderbala stressed the importance of this conference, since it provides an ideal opportunity to highlight the issues and challenges of the parliamentary function and present the various administrative structures of the parliament as well as the support bodies for parliamentary work.
The Speaker seized the opportunity to stress that this meeting will examine the missions and prerogatives of parliamentary committees, plenary sessions and the relationship of parliament with the Presidency of the Republic and the Prime Ministry.
The work will start the day after the adoption of the rules of procedure of the parliament, a key text that will govern its internal life for a long time, he said, welcoming the spirit of collaboration that drives the MPs and the collective atmosphere that prevails in the chamber.
Chaired by Brahim Bouderbala, the symposium was marked by the presence and participation of many MPs, including the first and second vice-speakers of the ARP, Saoussen Mabrouk and Anouar Marzouki.
The Secretary General of the Assembly of People’s Representatives and the Director General of the Parliamentary Academy also took part, says a press release from the Parliament.

Source: Agence Tunis Afrique Presse (TAP)

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