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Ashanti West ECG commissions transformer injections to improve power supply

The Electricity Company of Ghana (ECG) has commissioned 15 transformer injections in the Ashanti West Region as part of efforts to improve power supply to customers in the region.

The completion of the project comes after the company identified some 630 transformers that were reaching full capacity across the country of which 46 of them were in the Ashanti West region.

The company has also intensified day and night transformer inspections to check the integrity of existing transformers and pick load readings as part of efforts to improve power supply in the region.

The commissioned transformers which included upgrading of some lines and transformers that had reached full capacity, are located in towns across the Ahinsan, Abuakwa, Bibiani, Suame and Offinso districts of the Ashanti West region.

Mr Maxwell Dapaah, General Manager, Ashanti West Region, told the Ghana News Agency, after inspecting the transformers that, the mission of the company was to provide quality, reliable and safe electricity supply se
rvices to support the socio-economic development and growth of Ghana.

He said the management decision to complete the projects was to provide convenience for its customers.

He said prior to the completion of the projects, the transformers at those locations were reaching full capacity which resulted in localized outages like low voltage, phase offs, among others.

‘Every transformer has a capacity of electricity it can carry, so if the capacity is 200 KVA, the electricity should not exceed that capacity.

Once we identified transformers reaching full capacity, we upgraded from 200 KVA to 315 KVA and in some locations, 500 KVA transformers were commissioned to take care of the increasing demand’, he stated.

Mr Dapaah said the project had several benefits, some of which were reduction of system losses, improve reliability and stable power supply within the enclave to enhance customer satisfaction as well as operation efficiency and flexibility since the company could now meet the growing demand of customers
within the area.

Mr Emmanuel Osei Amoako, the Regional Engineer, underscored the importance of the completion of the projects and said it was in the right direction in providing reliable and quality power supply to attract and sustain businesses in the region.

He said ECG was also embarking on other projects in the region to enhance service delivery and provide convenience for customers.

‘We are constructing a sub-station at Agogo. We are also upgrading other transformers and distribution lines that we have identified to be reaching full capacity to augment power supply in the region,’ Mr Amoako stated.

He urged the public to desist from unlawful entry into the network of ECG and illegal power connections.

Source: Ghana News Agency