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Assembly Members fail to elect PM for Tarkwa Nsuaem

The Assembly Members of Tarkwa Nsuaem Municipality in the Western Region have failed to elect their Presiding Member (PM) for the ninth assembly.

The candidates, Mr Prosper Agbeti and Mr Joseph Kwofie, assembly members of Nsuaem Zongo and Tarkwa Banso Electoral Areas, failed to secure the constitutional two-thirds votes required.

Out of thirty elected assembly members one was absent, thirteen government appointees and the Municipal Chief Executive, making 43 members, voted.

At the end of the first round, Mr Kwofie polled 27 votes and Mr Agbeti, polled 15 votes, with one rejected ballot.

For the second round, Mr Kwofie polled 28 votes, while Mr Agbeti, polled 14 votes and one rejected ballot.

The Municipal Electoral Officer, Mr Ekow Essien supervised the peaceful election. In ten days, the assembly members would be expected to vote again to elect a PM.

Mr Benjamin Kessie, MCE who was disappointed, in his brief remarks, said the role of the PM was crucial in ensuring effective local governance and decisio
n-making within their assembly.

‘The assembly has been inaugurated and the executive functions of the assembly are operating, so if anyone from our communities needs support and they come to the assembly we will do the needful.

The people must not suffer because you are not prepared to elect a PM, but we need you together to serve the people who sent you here. It is incumbent on you to let the system function for your own good, especially the new assembly members’ he indicated.

Mr Kessie appealed to the assembly members to prioritise the interest of the Municipality, while demonstrating their commitment to serve the good people of Tarkwa Nsuaem with dedication and diligence, adding ‘Our predecessors have laboured to bring us this far, it should not be our turn to take us back, so we are going forward’.

‘l trust that the next time we meet the election will be one of the smoothness of all that we have had so that we scale up the process and then continue to deliver on our core mandate,’ said the MCE

The Mu
nicipal Coordinating Director, Mr Boffour Ahmed Haruna explained ‘There are documents we need to endorse and send to Accra that are going to be counted as far as our assessments are concerned, for now, they will still be on hold.’

‘At the end of 2024 when assessment is conducted, and you see us lacking behind l believe you will understand and not blame any technocrats’.

Source: Ghana News Agency