Assemblywoman Seeks Reelection for Continued Service

Avoeme West, Volta Region – Ms. Faustina Elikplim Korwu, the Assembly member for Avoeme West in the Ketu South Municipality, has urged her constituents to reelect her in the upcoming District Level Elections scheduled for Tuesday, December 19. Ms. Korwu, who is the only elected female Assembly member in Ketu South, highlighted her commitment and achievements since her election in 2019.

According to Ghana News Agency, who spoke to the Ghana News Agency after picking up her nomination form, her tenure has been marked by steadfast dedication to her duties and significant contributions to various sectors, including education, health, and governance. She emphasized her efforts in fulfilling her key campaign promises, focusing on improved sanitation and accountable governance. Initiatives such as organizing monthly communal labor for cleanliness and conducting public forums to report on her stewardship were among her key actions.

Ms. Korwu mentioned the steps she has taken to address the lack of revenue-generating avenues in Avoeme West. Her efforts include mobilizing resources to support community needs, despite the absence of facilities like public toilets and standpipes. In education, she has undertaken several initiatives, including sewing uniforms for students, donating books, and organizing quiz competitions and educational talks in local schools.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Ms. Korwu played a pivotal role in providing Veronica buckets and sanitary facilities in public places and facilitated the renovation of a market shed in the area. She also advocated for the inclusion of disabled persons in a livelihood support program run by the Assembly.

Furthermore, Ms. Korwu has been instrumental in lobbying for infrastructural improvements, such as a fish landing site for the local fishing community, securing streetlights, and electricity poles for her electoral area. Her involvement in these projects reflects her commitment to enhancing the living conditions and economic prospects of her constituents.

Ms. Korwu appealed to the electorates to grant her a second term, emphasizing that despite it being her first term in the Assembly, she has made significant strides in serving the community. She believes a second term would provide her with more opportunities, including potentially serving on the executive committee, to further the interests of the people of Avoeme West.