Assessment of Co-Operation Between Justice Ministry and UN Authorities

Tunis — Minister of Justice Hafedh Ben Salah conferred, Thursday in Tunis, with resident representative of the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) to Tunisia Mounir Tabet.

The talk turned on issues related to the state of co-operation between the Ministry and the United Nations authorities, in matters of justice reform, human rights and transitional justice, the same source said. According to a press statement of the Ministry, the UN official said, on this occasion, that the success of Tunisia to elaborate a law on transitional justice and establish an authority endowed with independence, neutrality and required efficiency in the shortest terms shows anew the relevance of the choices of the Tunisian model of democratic transition and institutional reform, a statement reads.

In turn, the Justice Minister highlighted the participatory approach which, he said, is the appropriate path to reach a large consensus on view and ideas, pointing that the role of the Ministry is not limited to provide support and favour co-ordination in such a manner as to combine the conditions of success of this process.