Association of Judges warns against undermining mechanisms of independence

The Association of Tunisian Judges (French:AMT) warned against infringing guarantees and undermining mechanisms of judicial independence.

It also denounced calls to dissolve the Supreme Judicial Council (French: CSM ) and stage a sit-in at the council’s headquarters to demand its dissolution.

The AMT executive bureau decried a speech of mobilisation against judges as well as calls for holding a sit-in at the council’s seat. This can pose a threat to the physical safety and welfare of judges ansd usher into a stage of physical violence against judges, courts and relevant structures.

It also called on the executive power to ensure the safety of judges and the security of judicial institutions. The Supreme Judicial Council, it further said, is urged to adequately staff specialised divisions so as to make sure cases are tackled with the required efficiently and coordinate with the executive to address challenges.


Source: Tap News Agency