"At least 25% of public procurement go into pockets of corrupt officials," says Chawki Tabib | Tunisia News Gazette

“At least 25% of public procurement go into pockets of corrupt officials,” says Chawki Tabib

At least 25 percent of public procurement goes to corrupt officials, Chawki Tabib, Chairman of the National Anti-Corruption Body (INLUCC) said on Saturday.

“These losses are behind corruption in the management of public procurement,” he said at an awareness day organised by the Authority in Kairouan, on the opening of an office in the region.

These losses will have a negative impact on the development process, he added.

“Because of corruption, the state loses huge sums of money every year,” he said, citing, in this regard, the port of Rades, which is losing 900 million dinars a year and public institutions that lose about 700 million dinars, due to lack of good governance.

Chawki Tabib said “the state does not want to invest in the fight against corruption, as evidenced by the budget allocated to the INLUCC and which does not exceed 2.5 million dinars”.

“This budget is the equivalent of the funds allocated to a festival,” he said.

“The budget of the Court of Auditors does not exceed one million dinars and the judicial economic and financial sector lacks logistical resources and tools,” he added.

Tabib said the state should invest nearly 100 million dinars annually to fight corruption.

Alongside INLUCC, justice, oversight bodies and civil society should be involved in this effort and benefit from some of these funds, he said.

Source: TAP News Agency

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