AU PSC: Morocco Supports Sudan, South Sudan Efforts for Peaceful Solution to Abyei Dispute

Speaking at an AU PSC meeting on “the political and security situation in the Abyei region,” Permanent Representative of the Kingdom to the African Union and UNECA, Ambassador Mohamed Arrouchi, called for a peaceful, concerted, inclusive and lasting solution to the Abyei dispute between Sudan and South Sudan.


The Moroccan diplomat hailed the progress achieved by the United Nations Interim Security Force for Abyei (UNIFSA) in the implementation of its mandate, supported by the AU, as well as the efforts made by the governments of South Sudan and Sudan for a peaceful resolution of the internal conflicts and their commitment to the principle of good neighborliness.


Arrouchi stressed that these internal challenges facing Sudan and South Sudan should not derail the momentum that has led to more friendly bilateral relations in recent years.


The Moroccan diplomat expressed his deep concern over the current situation in Abyei and stressed the need to explore the best ways and means to address security concerns in this region, while taking urgent and coordinated measures to reach a peaceful, concerted, inclusive and lasting solution to this dispute.


Arrouchi reiterated Morocco’s support to the governments and peoples of South Sudan and Sudan in their aspirations and commitment to restore peace, stability and development in their respective countries and to find a lasting solution to the situation in Abyei.


Source: Agency Morocaine De Presse