Authority of Resistance of martyrs of Revolution works to move forward files of victims (statement)

President of the General Authority of Resistance of the martyrs of the Revolution and Terrorist Acts Faouzia Yaacoubi stressed that the authority works, since its inception, to move forward the files of victims of the revolution and to overcome the difficulties faced by families both at the social, professional and medical-health.

In a statement Sunday to TAP, as part of the 12th commemoration by the governorate of Kasserine, martyrs of the revolution of freedom and dignity, Yaacoubi said that people not included on the final list of injured in the revolution, have not been deprived of health service and that contacts have been established with various stakeholders to enable them to benefit from access to care.

Regarding civilians injured in terrorist attacks in military buffer zones, she said that the judiciary and security apparatus are the parties entitled to define whether cases of amputation are due to terrorist acts.

Faouzia Yaacoubi said that the authority coordinates with the Fida Foundation in this regard.

She added that several people have been compensated, each according to the rate of disability assessed by the competent medical committee.

The city of Kasserine and the delegation of Thala have celebrated this Sunday the 12th commemoration of the martyrs who sacrificed themselves to defend the right of the region to development and employment.

Two ceremonies were held on this occasion. The first took place at the Martyrs’ Square and the second at the headquarters of the governorate, they were chaired by Governor Ridha Rakbani, in the presence of the president of the authority of regional and local executives.

Source: Tap News Agency