Autumn 2021 ninth warmest fall season since 1970 (INM)

(TAP) – The Autumn of 2021 ranks ninth among the warmest autumn seasons in Tunisia since 1970, the National Institute of Meteorology (INM) said in a Climatological Bulletin of autumn 2021 in Tunisia.


According to the INM, the fall of 2021 was characterized by a relative increase in temperatures. The overall average of average temperatures reached 22.1 ° C and was higher than the reference average (1981-2010) with a difference of (+0.9 ° C).


Regarding rainfall, the total seasonal rainfall accumulation of the main stations reached 1904.5 mm and was lower than the reference seasonal accumulation of the same stations, with a deficit of 36%. This deficit was recorded in most regions except the stations of Bizerte, Tabarka, Kélibia, Beja and Kebili.


The average high temperatures of autumn 2021 saw, with the exception of the stations of Tabarka and Mahdia, an increase compared to the seasonal averages of reference on all stations. Deviations ranged from (-0.4 °C) in Tabarka to (+1.8 °C) in Sidi Bouzid.


The overall average daily high temperature in the autumn of 2021 was slightly above the reference average (+0.8 ° C).


As for the average minimum temperatures, they were all above the reference averages. They varied between 12.2 ° C in Thala and 20.3 ° C in Djerba, except for stations Enfidha and Matmata.


The overall average daily minimum temperature in autumn 2021 was (+1°C) above the reference average.


Source: TAP News Agency