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Beja: Awareness Campaign for Jinane Medjerda Project

An awareness campaign for the Jinane Medjerda project was conducted Sunday, at the village of Oued Zarga (30 km from the city of Beja), by twenty young people who chose the theater debate and discussions in cafes to try to gain the support of the general public.

The action aims to put pressure on various stakeholders to boost the project whose feasibility studies have been frozen for more than a year, because of a dispute, around its components, between the Ministry of Development and the promoters.

A similar campaign will be held on Monday in Testour, to raise awareness of the importance of the project in the neighbouring cities of Oued Zarga (Testour, Beja, Medjez El Bab), the campaign coordinator Youssef Mastouri told TAP.

Jinane Medjerda, which is in the study phase, is creating a competitive cluster in Oued Zarga on a site of 900 ha of state land. The space will have to house a smart city, a technological university, an ecological tourism center, a value-added agriculture and a green industry.

The project will encourage the creation, in the long term, of 24,000 jobs. It will require investments of about 2 billion dinars: 50% financed by the private sector and the remainder distributed between the Deposit and Consignment Fund and the Regional Council.

Source: TAP News Agency

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