Beja municipalities’ potential classification as “Tourist Municipality” at heart of working session

The potential classification of municipalities in the governorate of Beja as “Tourist Municipality” and ways to overcome the challenges to achieve this goal were the focus of a working session held at the seat of the governorate on Tuesday.

Chairing the session, First Delegate and Head of Current Affairs of Beja governorate Saber Bembli urged the local municipalities to prepare their files, a work which should be carried out in close collaboration with the associations of preserving the medina, the Local Tourism Directorate and the civil society, he underlined.

Local tourist delegate Ridha Hanbli told TAP the municipality of Testour recently obtained approval for the “Tourist Municipality” label, pending the publication of the decree issued in the Official gazette of the Republic of Tunisia (JORT).

He, however, pointed out that “with the exception of Testour, no municipality under the Béja governorate is currently classified as tourist municipality.”

Source: Tap News Agency

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