Beja: smart and sustainable farming theme of awareness day in Testour

An awareness-raising day on “smart farming for sustainable agriculture” was held on Thursday at an organic pomegranate farm in Slouguia, Testour delegation (Béja governorate), on the initiative of the Testour agricultural extension service in partnership with the Ministry of Agriculture.

The event is part of the third component of the programme to intensify irrigated agriculture in Tunisia, launched in 2018 with 100 million dinars of funding from the World Bank, Rim Khemiri Moussaoui, representative of the management by objectives unit in Beja, told TAP.

The day was dedicated to sharing new solutions made possible by smart agriculture in terms of irrigation, fertilisers and organic production, as well as Tunisian inventions in the field of green technologies and sustainable agriculture.

In a statement to TAP, Mourad Hafdhi, a farmer specialising in organic farming, called on farmers to organise themselves into structures and groupings to take advantage of smart agriculture and its equipment, such as field inspection drones, moisture meters and others, to reduce costs and ensure greater efficiency.

The day’s programme will also include workshops with the participation of the organising team and the management by objectives unit, with the aim of disseminating best practices for sustainable agriculture.

Source: Agence Tunis Afrique Presse