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BFPME / Maxula Gestion: project financing agreement for SMEs signed

The Small and Medium-sized Enterprise Financing Bank (BFPME) and the asset management company MAXULA Gestion signed a project financing agreement on Thursday for the benefit of Tunisian small-and medium-sized enterprises.

This partnership agreement between the public-private sector targets SMEs operating in the industrial, agricultural and industrial sectors. It was signed by CEO of BFPME, Slim Feriani and CEO of MAXULA Gestion, Raouf Aouadi, with the aim of strengthening coordination between these two institutions, with a view to optimising support for SMEs, in particular, through funding and advice. The aim is to contribute to the economic and social development of Tunisia as well as to facilitate the financing of investment projects.

The BFPME and MAXULA Gestion, with their expertise and know-how in the financing sector, intend to collaborate in order to evaluate the opportunities of financing operations and to share their best practices and their respective experiences in the field of finance for the benefit of Tunisian SMEs.

With the support of MAXULA Gestion, BFPME will be able to further diversify its capital solutions. Similarly, the financial support provided by MAXULA Gestion will complement BFPME’s flagship “participatory lending” product designed to consolidate the financial base of projects under favorable conditions in order to help promoters diversify their own funds.

It should be noted that “MAXULA Gestion” is a management company approved by the Financial Market Council (French:CMF). It manages assets on behalf of public and private investors through the acquisition of equity interests in Tunisian SMEs.

Source: TAP News Agency

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